Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Wuthering Heights' Open Thread

  What did you think?

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  1. It is a very dark romance, with Heathcliff being an outsider and less than in a culture he neither loves nor desires. And yet, he cannot part from the one thing in it that he is tied to, the free spirited and exuberant Cathy. Heathcliff is the darkest character (hero?..villian?) we have seen so far in our little Movie Club. He brings to mind the Phantom as Andrew Lloyd Weber drew him in 'The Phantom of the Opera', particularly as portrayed on the screen by Gerald Butler. Powerful, decisive, intelligent, cunning, and merciless. Can anything but destruction come from being involved with this man? The dark aspects of him seem rather compelling to women, and there is a lesson in that I am sure.

    What possessed Mr. Earnshaw to bring him home from his trip to Dublin, and what events did his charity set in motion that would eventually result in the destruction of his family?

    I loved the setting along the Yorkshire Moors, and their was a very strong Celtic feel to the music, especially when showing the landscapes or Heathcliff himself, who seemed as wild and unforgiving as the country he was taken to.