Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Witness for the Prosecution' Open Thread

What did you think?


  1. "I suspected something but not that!"

    Love this, and relished the chance to see it again. Brilliant plot, script and atmosphere. The only real fault I have with it as a piece of writing, I suppose, is that the flashbacks go on a bit too long, and serve mainly to pad out the plot and give Power and Dietrich more screen time. That said, I too am fascinated by that whisk that beats and separates at the same time.

    I like Dietrich very much, but I'm not sure she was right here, though through no fault of her own, admittedly. Her face and voice are simply too well known to sustain the illusion, though she does amazingly well, considering, at almost pulling the wool over our eyes. I've watched it in the past with people who aren't familiar with her at all, and even then she's just so distinctive, even on first acquaintance, that they don't quite fall for the trick.

    I find I enjoy it more every time I see it, now I'm not trying to second guess it, or feeling let down by the fact that I can. Better able to concentrate on the many wonderful touches of characterization. Even without a murder mystery, I could happily watch 90 minutes of Charles and Elsa bickering and not feel shortchanged. Officially my favourite actor ever, and Elsa is just adorable always.

    What do you think drew Billy Wilder to it? It’s not his usual sort of thing, and he doesn’t add any of his own particular style to it. Just films it straight and lets it stand on its own merits.

    - Matthew Coniam

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