Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'Drive Me Crazy' Open Thread


  1. Is that Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

  2. Yes it is! She's great fun in this, as is Adrian Grenier as her reluctant accomplice. Cathy wanted something light that would make her laugh, and this popped up. For what it is, I thought it was pretty well done, and the music is great fun too. Should have it in a couple of days!

  3. I finally got to watch Drive Me Crazy -- such a cute show!  As for performances, I thought all the kids were quite good -- the only clinkers were the parents, especially Nicole's mother. (Not that the parents' characters were developed much, aside from her dad trying to make amends. And the other two, such great role models for their teens! "We're moving in together!"  Don't get me started...)

    There were some great lines, but I especially loved Hart's delivery when she was looking at her remarkably philosophical make-over subject and said "And don't wear...  anything you own."  It did crack me up.

    I liked the way it was each other's character that drew them together, both as friends and as sweethearts. Like her basic goodness to excluded classmates that he remembered years later, and his willingness to indulge younger kids during the cool-kid picnic.

    I felt for Dulcie; I think she did care for Chase, especially when they got back together briefly. The movie did a nice job with the scene between Nicole and Dulcie and the sharing of Chase's mother's story;  showing the tendency to think you've got it all figured out when you're that age, and the growth and self-knowledge that can come for young people fortunate enough to be open to possibilities they hadn't considered.

    Chase's original friends reminded me so much of some kids I knew in high school -- good kids who did stupid things that could have had much more serious consequences; surviving comfortably enough outside the Most Popular and Entitled Jock and similar spheres, until somebody defects and the friendships are strained if not broken.

    I never did figure out what was going on with Nicole's buddy Alicia, whether she just needed to sabotage everybody else's relationship's, or really wanted one of the guys herself. She started off seeming like an intriguing character, but her story line was weak.

    I enjoyed the movie, and I would never have known about it if you hadn't suggested it.  I especially enjoyed Melissa Joan Hart; she seems a very competent young actress, and cute as a button.  I was sure I had seen her on TV -- it must have been the teen-age witch show. I'm curious to see what's she's been in more recently.

    I certainly don't want to stifle discussion, but I have held up progress worse than ever, and so I'll thrown out a nomination for next show -- My Fair Lady appeal to anybody? (But I will happily yield to whoever's turn it actually may be at this point!)

  4. Thank you for those comments, Cathy! I'm so glad you liked it. I know it's just a teen show with the standard in crowd verses out crowd story line, but I just love this show. The writing is so fun! It makes efforts at humor that a lot of kids would have missed, but it's there if you are paying attention. Like the short shot of the morning news show program director going over the up coming schedule: "Wednesday we're on at 8:00, Thursday at 8:00, Friday at 8:05", and his anchor: "8:05?!!" Just a little comment on the brittleness of her existence, and a sharp contrast to Ray, who is able to produce a cutting video commentary on school life while all the while still very much participating in various activities. It was just a tiny little scene that most people would totally miss, but some fun person put it in there, and I think it's both perfect and hilarious. Ray's part had a lot of great lines, and was written with almost as much care as the two leads. Yes, it's just a funny little show. Melissa Joan Hart has a very winning smile, and Adrian Grenier is charming as the quick witted, good natured young man who finds his way to what's important to him, in spite of all the outside influences.

    Well now, 'My Fair Lady'! The cerebral George Bernard Shaw play that Oscar and Hammerstein worked on for a year before decrying it as impossible to convert into a musical. Impossible that is, until the very talented team of Alan Lerner and Frederick Loewe took it on and in 1956 created one of the finest musical plays ever to run on Broadway... and now we have the chance to see the screen adaptation of it! With Rex Harrison reprising his stage role as Professor Higgins and Stanley Holloway reprising his role as the incorrigible Alfred P. Doolittle. The stage lead had been Julie Andrews, but stage plays do not require close ups, and it was not known if Julie Andrews would be photogenic enough to pull off the role on screen. No major studio would take that chance, so Warner Brothers sought someone else for the female lead, choosing Audrey Hepburn for what I believe is her best role as the spirited and charming Eliza. The film was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, garnering eight of them, including Best Actor to Rex Harrison, Best Director to George Cukor, Best Costume Design to the brilliant Cecil Beaton, and of course Best Picture for 1964. Audrey Hepburn was not nominated for Best Actress, ironically won by Julie Andrews in her first motion picture 'Mary Poppins'. I feel Ms. Hepburn most certainly deserved consideration for Best Actress. She was absolutely brilliant. This will be great fun!

    I'll move it to the top of my queue. Let's point for the end of the week!