Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'While You Were Sleeping' Open Thread

What did you think?

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  1. The following comments were those of our Cathy:

    I thought the set-up for the misunderstanding was actually reasonably believable (not that a dash of unbelievability would ever deter a confirmed romantic from a Sandra Bullock comedy). The chance comment, repeated and embellished; the overwhelming response from the Callaghan family when they learn of Lucy's saving Peter; the indecisiveness resolved by Saul's asking her not to disappoint them.

    And the chance to be part of a family for Christmas... I loved watching Lucy, embraced by the Callaghans, just happy to be taking in the cross-talk and good-natured confusion that swirled around her.

    Even Lucy's attachment to a man with whom she has never spoken is credible; she's not the first person to sustain herself, in spite of losses and loneliness, with the comfort a fantasy can offer.

    Lucy is such an endearing character -- quiet, dreamy, but nobody's pushover (I loved her telling Joe Jr. to buzz off -- and what a sweet surprise that goofy friendship turned out to be!) And Jack is a good guy -- I liked the parallel of his not being true to himself because he doesn't want to disappoint this loving family.

    I got such a kick out of Lucy's determination to prove Jack's suspicions wrong -- even though he would have been the perfect ally if he hadn't been suspicious of her to begin with. And Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have such a lovely naturalness between them, especially in those moments of shared laughter.

    Lucy and Peter having a hospital wedding was a bit over the top -- although Lucy's desire to stay a part of this new family makes at least as much sense as Peter's decision to make a lifetime commitment to figuring out what was so special about Lucy. (I actually liked Peter for about five minutes there.) And Saul really did seem to think -- although he seemed to be having second thoughts -- that getting them together was the best thing that could happen. (Yes -- I loved Jack Warden.)

    But the ending was wonderful -- and I particularly loved the entire family showing up with Jack to propose to Lucy!

  2. Now this I missed. That Cathy, she was the best! Maybe we will hear from her again some day. Hope so!