Saturday, June 9, 2012

'The Flamingo Kid' Open Thread

What did you think?

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  1. I really enjoyed this show, the quiet aspects of the comedy, the way Crenna would answer his wife when he was in the middle of a game, Jeffery lost at the Crenna home, tucking a piece of soap in his pocket and then hurriedly putting it back. But my favorite was the final scene, at Larry's Fish House.

    Jeffery's Dad makes it clear that he has not been happy with Jeffery, but is willing to engage him when Jeffery comes over to talk. Finally, when they tire of speaking in metaphors and things are all put to rights, he offers to give his son a hug, as he always has done, but Jeffery had more to say that words couldn't carry, and it caught his father by surprise and warmed his heart. Just the look on his face carried it all. And then.. "Eat your halibut!" he tosses off to a dinner patron, not willing to let his connection with his son be a spectacle.

    I loved that ending!